The Book

This is Louisa Pateman‘s story: a synopsis of her journey, trying to the best of her ability to accomplish her preset path. She spent decades trying to fulfill her life plan – find her soulmate, get married and have children – but things didn’t go as planned.  Along the way, she learnt to become independent and resilient, and stumbled across the most exciting and rewarding life experiences.  Hoping to inspire other single women, she decided to tell her story.
Single, Again, and Again, and Again … highlights some of the hurdles that single women face in society today, and shines a light on the enormous pressure placed on young girls to find their happily ever after.  This book invites readers to question their beliefs and the advice they are given by loved ones.  Although advice is often given with love and the best of intentions, sometimes you need to follow a different path to find your happiness.